Creation of optimized websites

Modern web sites are evaluated by search engines by more than 150 parameters, including download speed, adaptability, optimization of the semantic core, etc. Web sites that do not meet the current requirements of search engines are not only excluded from search results on mobile devices, but also cannot rise to high positions in search results.

We will create modern website or update existing website so that it will work flawlessly on mobile devices and personal computers meeting the current requirements of search engines. A modern optimized site, that is thought out from the very beginning to the smallest detail is a reliable investment, since such a site will be easier to get to the top in search results and will not require the investment of tens of thousands of dollars in additional optimization and promotion.

Which option suits you best? A small business site, landing page, professional site, corporate site, catalog site or a completely individual software solution?

Remember, with us you will get a professional approach and attention to detail at all stages of the development of your site.

The main types of websites


The small business site is an informational site that allows you to place information about your company on the Internet. It includes your business phone number and address with a map, as well as details about the services. Information pages enable site visitors to stay aware of offers from your company, interesting events and promotions.

The site is hosted on a reliable server that allows it to work smoothly and quickly under any load.

Small business site - this is exactly what meets the requirements of "inexpensive, quality, fast website." Even such an inexpensive site, if it is properly produced, can bring you much more profit than you may think!


A landing page is a one-page website consisting of the same elements as a regular web page (HTML, PHP, CSS, text, images, video, etc). However, the main goal in this case is to push the visitor to take a certain action (for example, buying or subscribing). The incentive is usually a unique offer (for example, a bonus, a discount, a promotion, etc.). A landing page should contain interesting and important information for making the necessary decision, and nothing extra.

The more attractive the offer and the better the description of the product are, the greater the chance that the visitor will take a desired action. It is a mistake to offer your target action as a purchase of a regular product at a regular price. If your offer is not unique, then buyers will not have enough motivation to take action, which means that page conversion will be low.


For a number of businesses where professionalism plays a key role, it is just as important to be among the top ten in the search, as it is to be the best among its competitors. It is most important to focus on the content of the site and its design. Customers usually carefully research the market and make their choice based on the information they receive on different sites. Therefore, the better your website is thought out and filled and the more positive reviews you have on social networks or maps, the more likely that the client will turn to you.

It is very important to provide the audience with answers to all frequently asked questions. An excellent investment will be to make some interesting videos telling potential customers about your advantages and forming trust in your business. Such business videos can also be used as additional advertising on social networks and on popular sites such as YouTube and Instagram.


A corporate website is an information resource with a large number of sections that will emphasize the scale of a corporation. As a rule, the corporate site is created for companies and organizations of a larger scale. Such sites are also called the virtual offices. Extended information about all services, legal and technical documentation, product descriptions, data on the company`s branches and partners, various articles and news - all this and much more can be posted on the corporate website.

The well-thought-out site structure and user-friendly interface will allow visitors to easily navigate the sections and pages of a large site. The word search system will help them quickly find the necessary materials. High-quality videos and slide shows will visually and effectively present all the advantages of the company.


The structure of the catalog site is designed to show the entire range of your products and offers. In addition, each product or service may have a separate page where you can describe the offer in detail and specify the characteristics and additional options.

Catalog site is an effective solution from the SEO point of view, because it is capable of generating search traffic better than others. Visitors from search engines are attracted by means of contextual advertising and more simple SEO promotion. Due to the fact that the site contains many pages with textual information, the site gains considerable weight and credibility from the point of view of search engines. Pages of such a site are more likely to take top positions in Google search.

The catalog site can be optimized for a very large number of search queries - users are attracted to the site by low-frequency queries that are much easier and cheaper to promote. Later, the catalog site can be easily upgraded to a full-fledged online store.


Website development for an individual project begins completely from scratch, taking into account individual requirements and goals. Years of experience in developing large Internet projects allow us to build a site according to your specific needs. Your website will be developed by a team of experienced programmers, web designers, artists, copywriters and marketers with extensive experience in Internet development and marketing.

Development usually includes: the convenient management system adapted for your tasks; Creation of an individual UI and UX design; Use of the latest technologies (PHP, jQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, HTML5 MySQL, jQueryUI, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap and more); Increased protection against hacking and viruses; Installing SSL certificate on the site; Optimization of the code and speed of the site; High loads handling capabilities; Unlimited number of pages and sections; Technical support.

Modern UI / UX design

If you already own a website, redesign and refinement will improve your company`s credibility and position in search results. Websites developed before 2017-2018 are no longer relevant and do not meet the modern requirements of search engines. Your site must always be up to date!

The main problems of dated sites:

- Search engines rank sites that are not adapted for smartphones and tablets much lower. Google generally excludes them from the search results on smartphones.

- Visitors find it extremely difficult, inconvenient or impossible to interact with sites that are not adapted for mobile devices and quickly lose their interest.

To solve these problems, a redesign is usually required - this is not the creation of a completely new website, this is a qualitative update of the existing one. Today, people mostly use mobile devices, which causes an urgent need for all web resources to be accurately and correctly displayed on all devices with different screen sizes. This problem is solved with an adaptive design. At the same time, analysis and optimization of content for search engines is done. As a result of our work, you will get an improved site that is beautiful, modern, convenient and optimized for search engines, that fully matches the style and activities of your company. Now, you will never lose customers who visit your site from mobile devices or those who are looking for your product on smartphones!

Steps to the result

We always work quickly and efficiently and can handle simple to complex tasks.

We form the semantic core of the site based on a thorough analysis of the market, competitors` sites for their strengths and weaknesses, and targeted search queries. Our sites are thought out in terms of optimization for search engines and at the same time fascinating for visitors - this is the foundation of the website.

We plan the UI (user interface) and UX (user interaction with it), as well as other basic aspects. We carefully apply marketing techniques to achieve optimal viewing time for each page. Visitors stay longer and tend to decide to contact you when they are interested and comfortable.

The visual component of the project is very important for visitors. We take into account the theme of the project, corporate identity, your wishes, and create the appropriate design. We develop bright, original sites that differ from competitors and produce a positive impression about the company allowing better recognition by visitors.

Quality. Professionalism. Attractive.

Entrust development to professionals and focus on the main thing - the growth of your business.

Many so-called "experts" make websites from templates and stock photos, creating the illusion that it is enough for your modern website to fill in details about your business and contacts. It`s not like that at all! For example, besides optimized texts, professional photos are a very important components and a very good investment. Exclusive photos and videos, unlike stock, will not only help to improve your company`s image, credibility and awareness among potential customers, but also help to rank high in the search engines. In addition, you can successfully use these Business photos and business videos for advertising on social media - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Maps, Apple Maps / Yelp, mobile apps, AdWords, web and mobile ads.

The cost and terms of creating the site are calculated individually for each project, depending on the complexity and the goals that you set.

Call us! We have the best solutions for your business and experience in its implementation!