Promotional Photo and Video

An original promotional video will draw in your potential customers, and we know the secret to create such a video!

You will be delighted with our amazing videos, because our enthusiasm, dynamic style and talented directing will be captured in every frame!

Do you want to transform and emphasize your individual image with the help of a report or an interview? Or do you see yourself in a dynamic appeal (promo speech video) to the general public? Or an advertising storyline? Or maybe artistic commercial is more suitable for you? Or a creative photo shoot of the services or products may be the best for your website, social networks or advertising?

What meets your wishes the most? Remember, the talented staff at the Stunning Media agency are ready to solve this problem as creatively and effectively as possible.

To achieve the best results for you, we use the equipment of cinematic caliber and offer:

- Dynamic promo shooting;
- Business photos;
- Advertising photos;
- Professional photography (report style or artistic staged);
- Editing, retouching and optimization of photos and videos;
- Rights to use existing shots.

We can help you to generate even more interest!

Undoubtedly, your advertisement or website will attract more attention thanks to aerial imagery from the drone - the flying camera. This is the best addition to your promotional videos. With such exciting shots, your customers will want to watch your videos and share them with friends again and again! After all, this is exactly what you are looking for, isn`t it?

You have likely seen our dynamic videos that collect tens of thousands of views in iSpravochnik mobile apps, on iSpravochnik, Russian Flyers, other websites, on social networks and on YouTube.

An example of cinematographic work is the documentary Painted by the Soul, dubbed in 4 languages and shown in many countries around the world. We also have experience in studio and reporting work - our television show had been regularly aired on the central channel (Rogers Cable) for 11 years.


Remarkable Graphics

With the help of graphics, instantly displaying you and your products or services in a beautiful, understandable and interesting way, you will be able to attract attention and interest from even the most demanding customer.

We will help you transform your message to your customers. We make catchy, stylish and creative designs. We know how to make graphics, that will encourage the customer to turn to you, attract the maximum attention and provide the greatest response.

After analyzing the market, we create advertising layouts that should not “contain as much information as possible”, but instead attract the target audience, that you need to capture with this graphic.

We are able to understand all the features of your product or services, analyze and accurately place accents, and do everything possible, so that you get the maximum response, and, ultimately, increase the sales and success of your business.

We can develop the design of advertising and printing products that distinguish you from your competitors:

- Development of a promotional graphics (layout for digital distribution or for printing);
- Design graphics for websites, social networks;
- Development of corporate identity;
- Design and printing of marketing materials (brochures, booklets);

We are always ready to help you choose the best option, prepare materials for printing, print and help with the distribution!

We can help You get the attention

We turn words into a set of tools for maximum success

As you probably already know, well-written advertising text is the foundation of an entire marketing campaign. With our help, your advertisements, websites and posts in social networks will work for you and increase the flow of customers!

Synthesizing analysis, marketing and creativity, we write a special text that like nothing else helps your business in development. Our texts are not just exclusive, non-standard, original or individual, but they are just the way you need it to be written to help you and your business grow.

After all, it is precisely the properly composed advertising text that makes advertising work and generate income, no matter where it is placed - on the website, in print media or on social networks.

We can compose and edit the advertising text, which will differ from others in that it will work effectively, attract new customers and serious business partners and stimulate sales:

- an original advertising message;
- texts for web sites;
- text for graphic or video commercials;
- promotional editorial (hidden advertising).

Want an example? You should agree that when you come to the coffee shop to drink a cup of aromatic coffee with the most delicious croissant in town, you don’t care what the baker looks like, the baker’s gender, habits, education, model of the oven etc… It’s all not important, because most likely you were attracted to this place by the fresh taste of coffee and delicious croissant that melts in your mouth.

In this example, the maximum emphasis should be placed on the croissant and its qualities, but not on the oven, baker, owner’s experience or education, as it may seem to the coffee shop owner considering the largest investments. This is one of the many rules of marketing that we know very well and always successfully apply.

Stunning Media Copyrighting Coffee with Croissant sample

Profitable. Qualitative. Effective.

We strive to make our services available for businesses of all sizes.

High quality services and a creative approach is the foundation of our services which allows us to present your business to the public in the best possible way. Investing in a quality advertising campaign quickly pays off and increases the profitability of your business at the same time.

Call us to learn more about the unique solutions for your business. Lets raise your advertising campaign and profit to a next level together!