You lose money and customers

if your internet advertising campaign is not optimized

You lose customers

95% of customers come from the top five positions on Google search (the first position gets 32.5%, the second 17.6%, the third 11.4% of traffic). The remaining dozens of your competitors are fighting among themselves for the remaining 5% of clients.

We will help you get your website higher in search results quickly, hold high positions and provide a steady stream of customers.

For some types of businesses, this is the only correct strategy; for others, more sophisticated strategies for advertising on the Internet can be much more cost effective and efficient. Consult with us to learn if you should spend the entire budget for the first positions in your particular case.

You lose money

If your ad campaign is focused on several keywords.

It is expensive and does not allow to capture a wider audience. We offer the best options for promoting the site to the top, build an individual effective promotion strategy within the budget, coordinate the details and achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time, saving you money.

During our cooperation, your site will rank higher, which undoubtedly will have a positive impact on the flow of customers.

You lose customers

If your site is not optimized for artificial intelligence and voice search.

It is necessary nowadays to have an optimized site with adaptive layout for various devices, and it is necessary to optimize it for voice search so that you have a chance to get to the top position when users search from devices that allow them to search with natural speech - think Hey, Siri / Ok, Google / Cortana / Alexa, etc.

We know and apply the latest optimization methods to help your website get you the most customers.

You lose customers

If your info is not in the mobile phones of people in your community.

If Your advertisement is not in the hands and pockets of your target audience, you are losing customers.

We offer a comprehensive local internet advertising solution that quickly delivers the information about your business and your offers directly to mobile devices and computers of people in your community for the fraction of the cost of conventional internet advertising methods like SEO, PPC, SMM. With our technology, your ad can make a much stronger impression than a glossy magazine, make remarkable campaigns that highlight prestige and credibility of your business, and, as a result, turn people to your door.

We optimize websites for search engines and your audience, not for statistics

not cheating statistics

We do not increase traffic using grey methods, because that strategy will not increase the flow of customers and is one of the easiest ways to get you web site under the sanctions of the search engines and get excluded the search results. Working with us, you reduce risks to a minimum, because you work with professionals with many years of experience, who value their own and your reputation.

Popular tools and their advantages


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - is much more cost-effective than contextual advertising and is an integral part of promoting your business on the Internet. SEO is a complex of tasks aimed at improving the selling abilities and optimizing your website for search engines. Investing in SEO pays off due to the fact that the site is displayed in the top positions in searches by words and phrases which are used by customers who are inclined to make a purchase when they are looking for your products or services.

The main advantages of SEO:
- Credibility of search results is several times higher than of any pay-per-click advertising - you get the maximum loyal audience looking for your products;
- Website optimization benefits are not limited to growth of search traffic, it also improves the quality of the website on many levels;
- Stability of sales due to the long-term effect of SEO - organic traffic continues to flow even after the work is completed, since the SEO results cannot be turned on/off as pay-per-click advertising can;
- Your site in the TOP positions in search results improves credibility and positive brand image.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC contextual advertising (pay per click) also has its pros and cons. Among the advantages - you get quick results, the ability to swiftly make changes to the advertising campaign, and fixed positions in the search results for certain keywords. Among the cons - the highest cost of conversion and the flow of customers stops when the PPC campaign is stopped.

The high price per clicks for popular keywords does not allow this tool to be the only one in a modern online advertising campaign.

The right balance of SEO, PPC and in most cases additional methods gives the best effect: increases visibility, allows you to quickly identify the best working keywords, level the seasonal changes, help clients make a positive decision and much more.


A great way to diversify promotion channels is teaser advertising on YouTube and Instagram, promotion on YouTube, and advertising on specialized sites and mobile apps.

Attracting an additional audience with catchy video clips or educational videos can be a very cost-effective component of an effective promotion strategy.

Take a look at the page "Production" - we can create promotional materials like photos, graphics, texts and videos. You will be able to use those attractive photos and videos on social networks, on YouTube, on your website, in maps, mobile apps and on television. Such materials are an excellent investment, as they are well remembered, build a positive image, work for a long time and are usable in a variety of media outlets.

Transparent and open

Good internal website optimization is the foundation for promoting your website. Google and other search engines use more than 200 ranking factors. Therefore, if your site does not meet their modern requirements and the expectations of their artificial intelligence, it will be impossible to get into the top ten. Before undertaking optimization, we will conduct a detailed analysis of your website and prepare a proposal on how to optimize each problem. This approach helps to keep risks and misunderstandings to a minimum, and our cooperation will be open and transparent.

In the near future, more than half of all requests will be done by natural speech. In 2017-2018, adaptability for mobile devices became mandatory for good rankings. In 2019-2020, sites optimized for voice search will come out on top. Artificial Intelligence evaluates many factors when it determines the best answer to a query of a voice search. The priority parameters for selection are the credibility of the site, speed, length and readability of the response.

An individual effective optimization strategy is developed for each site. The strategy is based on an understanding of search engine algorithms.

Over time, the market and the algorithms of search engines change, so it is important to constantly monitor changes in ranking algorithms, the behaviour of the target audience and make the necessary improvements or change strategies in a timely manner, and ultimately, increase sales and outpace competitors. Do not trust the fate of your business to amateurs, deal with the professionals. Only then you can fully devote yourself to the most important part - the development of your business, without thinking and burdening yourself with experiments related to the creation of successful advertising campaigns.